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Inhouse training

We are pleased to arrange inhouse trainings in your rooms. You may compile an individual programme from the following topics:

  • Terms of Quality Assurance in Analytical Chemistry
  • Measurement uncertainty from validation and quality control data according to ISO 11352
    • Basic statistics
    • Theory
    • Exercises
  • Quality control charts
    • Basic statistics
    • Theory
    • Introduction into ExcelKontrol
    • Exercises
  • Limit of detection and limit of quantification
  • Traceability and reference materials
  • Method validation
  • PT results - what can I learn from it?
  • Training for PT providers
    • relevant standards
    • statistical methods
    • QM requirements
    • Homogeneity and stability
    • Evaluation and assessment
    • ...


Please send an e-mail to Mail toMichael.Koch@iswa.uni-stuttgart.de. You will get a tailor-made offer.