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Registration for PT round PT UKWIR 13/21 -

We participate in the PT round PT UKWIR 13/21 - - PT UKWIR 13/21 - Triclosan on the determination of

  • triclosan

The participation fee of 700.00 € plus VAT (if applicable) will be paid after receipt of the invoice.
The participation fee includes transportation costs within Germany. For laboratories oustide Germany transportation costs with overnight courier service will be charged in addition.
Date of dispatch is 17.08.2021. If you cancel your participation within two weeks before dispatch 50% of the fee is due. Starting from the day of dispatch, cancellation is not possible any more and the full fee is due.


Our laboratory will perform the analyses in our own laboratory, with own personnel and own equipment.

Details of the laboratory: Name:
Postal code / city:  
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Contact person:
VAT identification number
(required for participants outside Germany):
Delivery address
(if different):
Postal code / city:  
Billing address: Name:
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E-Mail for invoice:
Additional remarks to be mentioned on the invoice (if any)
Name of person completing the form:

This PT round is provided by TGU QCA at ISWA. We confirm that we are in agreement with the terms and conditions (Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen) of TGU QCA.

 I revocably agree with the processing and storage of personal data sent with this registration. I have taken note of the privacy policy of AQS Baden-Württemberg.

This registration will be sent to AQS Baden-Württemberg and to your e-mail address specified in the form. Please check this e-mail and in case of any inconsistencies please do not hesitate to contact us.

A binding contract with AQS Baden-Württemberg (here TGU AQS Baden-Württemberg at ISWA) materializes only after additional confirmation by AQS Baden-Württemberg via e-mail.
You may print the page appearing after submitting this form for your documentation. Signing and sending back to AQS-BW is not necessary any more.